[banana salad can reduce weight] – of effect of _ of action of _ of _ banana salad reducing weight reducing weight

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Be worth burning hot season now, a lot of people like to have salad, because the making process of salad is more special, the quantity of heat that so place of a lot of salad contains is lower, for instance banana salad, introduce according to nutrient division, correct edible banana salad conduces to reduce weight.

Can banana salad reduce weight? Nutrient division answers back and forth

One, banana law reducing weight

1, breakfast, be very popular only broadleaf plant and water

Before lunch, probably 9, controlled at 10 o’clock, eat a banana and a cup of Wen Shui, do not take other sock again. No matter be green banana or ripe banana OK, not be squashy banana just can eat certainly, banana is actually greener, the alexipharmic effect that comes from starch is taller also, and ripe banana also has the effect that keeps immune force, the person of preference acerbity mouthfeel chooses green banana, the person that likes soft sodden, sweet mouthfeel chooses ripe banana.

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Be over, greediness is very popular only broadleaf plant

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Dinner should be before 8 o’clock, did not take food again after 8 o’clock, if fruit is honest the word of greediness, that right amount banana taking a place. Digestive alcohol element is contained in banana, want 15-20 only minute can arrive at intestines, reduce gastric burden thereby. Staple food chooses carbohydrate, taste is delicate and best lunch and dinner had better be given priority to with carbohydrate, if work to cannot eat dinner on time busily, bit of cracker had better eat when neutral afternoon. Additional, dinner eats sweetShanghai Long Feng forum

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The habit that feed also wants Buddhist monastic discipline to drop.

Can banana salad reduce weight? Nutrient division answers back and forth

2, delicate banana cookbook reducing weight

1, banana salad

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Material: Banana, salad sauce

Practice: Cut ready banana flay into small lump, next amid puts on right amount salad sauce to mix divide evenly, in be being put into freezer 15 minutes or so, sweet the banana salad of sweet smell is done decided, delicious thin body.

2, crackling banana roll

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Material: Sauce of wonton skin, banana, salad 1, candy pink, cinnamonic pink

Practice: Prepare skin of 18 pieces of wonton to discharge a orderly, next above on the dot a few salad sauce. Cut banana flay into 6 divide into equal parts, place skin of each pieces of wonton on one paragraph of banana, the bag becomes pillow state, breach uses water bond, blast of lukewarm oily boiler reachs banana be involved in golden color, scoop a platoon dish, add candy pink.

Can banana salad reduce weight? Nutrient division answers back and forth

3, banana salad

Feed capable person: Banana, salad sauce is right amount.


1, cut banana small, in be being put into the bowl

2, enter salad sauce, agitate divide evenly can.

3, put its freezer in cold1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Hide a little while, can edible.

Remarks: Cannot have the friends of cool thing, finish OK and direct edible, need not put freezer cold storage.

Before eat: Have salad of a bowl of banana, decrease to eat an amount prandially already, can promote again reduce weight, compensatory vitamin.

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