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Cattail ground La Ying should be a kind of a lot of people’s more familiar medicaments, mix to the puerpera especially Pu De is blue for pregnant woman the square field surface in life of consist in of this kind of medicaments. Because Pu Delan has the effect of the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, have a fever when little baby so or the puerpera suffers from on after mastitis, the doctor can suggest the patient takes Pu De La Jin travel is antiseptic and antiphlogistic. How is but become,hypersensitive record producing after the patient takes Pu Delan to return a responsibility?

Cattail ground blue allergy

Since had be restricted to fight after making, pu De is blue already became refuse bacterium, antiphlogistic treatmentShanghai Long Feng forum

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An a dark horse of the domain. Ever somebody expresses: In the unusual times of flu indulge in wilful persecution, if the action in your misfortune goes seeing a doctor, 10 have nine to be able to open Pu De blue; to be in especially to you paediatrics, pu De is blue the bid that became cold treatment it seems that matchs; and to pregnant woman these special groups, also be to have many doctors ground of meeting prescription cattail is blue.

Because superstition is medium officinal ” side effect is little ” , add ” buccal mouth according to legend ” , a lot of people are not met truly careful go seeing manual of medicines and chemical reagents, pu De blue regard as the divine medicine in memory.

Cattail ground blue allergy

Pu De contains painstakingly man among blue medicaments, board La Gen, dandelion, through the research discovery of contemporary pharmacological, this kind of medicaments can remove diminish inflammation, fight bacterium, fight virus antifebrile action. So, medicaments to different disease effectual, but when taking fluid of cattail ground blue profess to convinced, if the patient has allergic reaction to this kind of medicaments, with respect to meeting occurrence diarrhoea, the stomach bilges, afflictive the happening that waits for a variety of circumstances, these are allergic reaction, but1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Not be everybody the metropolis is allergic to this kind of medicaments, the allergic phenomenon of different crowd and allergic reaction can differ somewhat, must distinguish the use method of blue medicaments of clear cattail ground and proper expression.

Cattail ground blue allergy

Above all of short time take Pu De blue, should not cause too big allergy, unless be to hold to two months,take Pu De for long blue, take the generation that time grows too or takes excessive to cause allergy and sequela appearance easily. So, remedy also cannot have casually, eat appropriately a few can, if had been taken much or itself is compared to medicaments sensitivity strong, incidental various reaction, pu De is blue basically apply to damp and hot to catch a cold, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Catch, urology contracts the disease of and so on. So, when the choice uses remedy, also want to choose to use drug according to actual sick condition of the patient.

Everybody must want to understand, the talent of few number is met blue to Pu De allergy, below normal circumstance, this kind of probability is smaller, I think cattail ground blue medicaments everybody has eaten, but the reaction after everybody takes medicaments differs somewhat. So, if oneself also know blue to Pu De allergic word, had better not go eating, be inferior to choosingLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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