Employee information discloses Microsoft to grinding lead plane of generation Xbox sport of hair

Since Suo Ni PS4.5 after industry travels extensively, the aggrandizement edition that everybody also begins pair of Microsoft XboxOne guesses rise. Although Microsoft is in charge of the controller of Xbox business emphasizing won’t be being rolled out all the time,just undertake to machine function simple the XboxOne of small aggrandizement, nevertheless latest news shows, microsoft respect rolls out new Xbox game leader of purpose really.

Come from employee of a Microsoft to get flower material information shows, this once is in charge of the design personnel of Xbox360, XboxOne and Xbox SmartGlass, added an item that the name is Xbox NeXt, will look from the name should be take off a relation hard with Xbox. The E3 game that perhaps holds this year is exhibited on, can we see this code name is the new-style Xbox of Next?

If roll out brand-new Xbox really, whether is knowing current the aggrandizement edition of XboxOne, brand-new still the lead plane of for generations? From at present the case of game industry looks, former possibility is larger. Function of extremely possible aggrandizement behaves new leader, and support 4K resolution.

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