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Date of edition of the 8th batch of game allots wide report Tecent and Netease all have game to cross careful      Read textual publish government of wide report total bureau according to national news also the face shows, date of edition of the 8th batch of game has allotted, a total 95, examine and approve time to be on Feburary 28. Among them, the net swims below Tecent banner your work ” search celestial being 2 ” through examining and approve, of Netease game ” clever pen of draw true · 1000 hill ” and ” fort front ” in the row. Blow hard reputably will raid ” ghost sob 5 ” billabong of authorised edition of official Chinese Steam       Read textual " ghost sob 5 " be make emission behavioral venture game by Capcom, for ” ghost sob ” what 6 years lie between when series is brand-new add is made, the story setting of game happens in ” ghost sob 4 ” after a few years, the different of arise suddenly of a city happening changes, tremendous tree is perforative city center, root of tree suction blood begins to assault people. Can rush in order to repel the young Ni Lu that devil supports oneself and the Ni that offer armed articles for use to him to change into different together the vortical center that happen, its right hand is flaring use to devil justice hand-type arms is installed… panda direct seeding announces ” adieu ” advocate the station roams about plan open of the first phase       Read textual government of panda direct seeding releases an information on small gain today midday, announce ” adieu ” . There are many employees to leave a message in the comment ” disconnect join ” , still a few employee say very sad, do not want to disconnect join, want to await rejoin. Sword friend is overcome! Open world RPG ” sword person ” 3DM Chinese changes patch download       Read textual and open world to take a risk ” sword person ” (Kenshi) plays a law to combine RPG, sandbox and instant strategy, still support MOD, can play according to oneself idea. ” sword person ” world outlook builds the desert world in above of kilometer of more than 870 square, because civilization ebbs, resemble by human affairs content is days appear cruel like contrary to reason or one’s expectation unruly, still have machinery of biologic of be similar in shape and robot, but do not have any black science and technology or be blackart, this kind of decadent doomsday atmosphere also can call sword friend the gram. 3DM Chinese is changed now group made for players ” sword person ” Chinese change patch V1.0, the player that considers an experience fast will download! The country overflows counterattack Japan to continue reputably! ” hello, see ear ” the 2nd season opened TV animation in April sow    Read textual although force of former unripe caricature is in Japan this super hardship of the action below the influence that uses free power is slow, have a few outstanding work that show itself always nevertheless, come from Chinese caricaturist Teleixihu’s master ” hello, see ear ” TV animation the 2nd season will in April step aside is sowed, understand together below. · ” hello, see ear ” it is Chinese caricaturist Teleixihu’s masterpiece, basically depicted large tree of single young person and a bud to bestow favor on feline Mi — life fun of A Miao. The large tree that from a child is brought up in welfare courtyard is renown not the caricaturist of classics, live not lukewarm not alone life of fire. To ” warm ” ” happy ” put in literal meaning only. Environment of compatible and current PC ” dark black destroy a god ” era lands GOG platform first      Read textual led the blizzard of ARPG environment classical game ” dark black destroy a god ” issued 1996, if have what there still is difficulty if the player wants to experience this game now, this game has been rolled out afresh in GOG platform now, region price is the country 39 yuan, game does not have DRM, and support much person online. (GOG links) ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” Dong Zhuo demonstrates video evil and atrocious too master       Reading textual Dong Zhuo is ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” in well-known heroic figure. On Chinese history, dong Zhuo ever let whole China be immersed in confused unrest through establishing puppet government, the hand of final dead however Yulvbu. Admire the video below together, understand Dong Zhuo the history of that paragraph of a foul wind and a rain of blood. On Chinese history, dong Zhuo does not suffer people to welcome, but actually Dong Zhuo pays no attention to this, because of to him character, fortune and influence just are the most important. It is the giantest that Dong Zhuo interest can say in game initial stage, he has advanced armament and powerful army, this also let him become the target with a lot of expeditionary force. Dong Zhuo is notorious, if the player chooses to act Dong Zhuo the word of this cacique, the player can see his excessive kills an officer, force exotic nation to make the appendage state that imparity trades and becomes him. Notable is, right now the emperor already firmly ground palm accuses to be in the player’s hand.

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