” antediluvian reel OL ” will roll out new material piece include dragon of new enemy of region of new developed area

Before ” antediluvian reel OL ” official forum has a netizen to explode makings, this making will roll out new material piece ” Elsweyr ” , data piece have the soul of a deceased person of Elsweyr of region of new developed area, new occupation the content such as dragon of rabbi, new enemy. This netizen weighs new material piece will roll out in June 2019, this version advocate hit characteristic to fight with dragon namely, he still gave off picture of a few game. Subsequently ” antediluvian reel OL ” official hair is pushed express, will on January 15 afternoon at 5 o’clock (time of American the eastpart part) undertake game direct seeding, can be announced probably and new material piece concerned message.

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