[how is makings of Ao Erliang sauce done]

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Chapter introduction

We go agreeing inside heart radical buy gallinaceous wing or of hamburger and so on, it is to eat inside a few sauce through souse expect, these sauce makings are at ordinary times we do not eat outside, even if is have in the home also make the taste that does not come out, especially sauce makings of Ao Erliang has a lot of kinds of kinds, but the scale that oneself should match only is sufficient, in get ready bloat makings the gust that can make Ao Erliang.

 How is makings of Ao Erliang sauce done

Wing of Ao Erliang chicken

Wing of brief introduction chicken has Wen Zhongyi gas, filling essence to add pith, strong small of the back the effect such as be good at stomach, the wing in chicken is mixed relative to wing tip wingFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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For the root, collagen protein content is rich, to maintaining skin burnish, enhance skin flexibility to all have profit. But cannot feed more.


The wing in chicken 500 grams, ao Erliang bakes a wing to bloat makings (the supermarket is bought) 30 grams, oil is right amount.


1, gallinaceous wing defrost is abluent, with Ao Erliang the wing that bake bloats makings mix divide evenly bloats 12 hours or so, want to be plunged into with toothpick for tastyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Gallinaceous wing a certain number of issueing.

2, the baking pan that use phone puts a few oil, bake make yellow of two sides gold can edible.

3, make Yi Ke with pan, oven.

New orleans bakes gallinaceous wing

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New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum


The new orleans chicken that bake expects 70 grams rinse wing of 70 grams chicken olive oil of 2 jins of Spain 3 soupFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Spoon (45ml) honey 3 spoon (45ml)


1) in expecting the chicken that bake, transfer into divide evenly of clear water agitate. ChickenFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
The wing is abluent, sufficient drop does moisture. Be in with the knife the two side of gallinaceous wing, each delimit two knives, so that be when souse more tasty.

2) gallinaceous wing is put into container, enter the makings juice of mix up, sufficient mix is even.

3) enter Spanish olive oil, continue again agitate divide evenly, the cap on the lid, put freezer to refrigerate souse 24 hours, or 48 hours.

4) bake dish of tinfoil on the upper berth, right now warm-up oven, 220 degrees. Put gallinaceous wing on grill, brush with the brush thin thin a honey.

 How is makings of Ao Erliang sauce done

5) bake dish of lowest layer that puts oven, grill puts oven middle-level, bake after making 12 minutes. Take adiabatic glove, stratosphere of grill displace oven, bake 5 minutes can.

The chicken that bake expects, have in the very much store that clean out treasure sell. One bag is 140 grams normally, can make wing of 4 jins of chicken. I this cookbook, was to use an in part heft, notice to breath out please.

The bag that the chicken that bake expects writes souse 3-4 hour on bagging. But I had been carried out, taste float is in the surface. We or the time that extend souse.

In souse flesh kind when, put souse stuff, enter olive oil again, can make bloat the flavour of makings is more effective by the flesh kind absorb.

Additional, panbroil with Chinese olive, scamper, barbecue kind when, olive oil can form a covering layer in alimental surface, this also is other of olive oil excel with how not saturated and adipose the another expression of the edible oil that is bases. This kind of covering layer besides can prevent food to be stuck together, help the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the moisture content that contains at preventing food itself and nutrient composition from time to tome together, make taste and mouthfeel better.

Bake dish inside shop tinfoil, can the soup juice that catching drop comes down. Carbonization of the meeting after Shang Zhishou is hot, if direct drop is being baked dish go up, clean very hard, and tinfoil is gone, it is OK to throw away.

Bake good gallinaceous wing, best can take the advantage of heat to eat, taste ability is optimal. Do not eat, put last freezer cold storage is put to save in the box. Again before edible, with oven 200 degrees heat 5 minutes. Or put in flat bottom not to stick boiler to go up (do not put oil) , with small fire double-faced decoct 2 minutes can.

Kendeji wing of new orleans chicken


Gallinaceous wing is right amount, ketchup is right amount, honey is right amount, barbecue juice right amount


In 1. wing abluent, cross boiled water.

2. uses barbecue juice macerate half hour. The dosage of barbecue juice allows with doing not have gallinaceous wing to be.

3. burns gallinaceous wing park grill to go up, enter microwave oven, gao Huo (I used 80 degrees) 6 minutes.

4. mediates right amount honey and ketchup, even daub is on gallinaceous wing.

5. reentry microwave oven, gao Huo 4 minutes.

Ao Erliang bakes drumstick to coil


Drumstick 3, barbecue of abstruse Er fine expects a bag, rinse 70 grams


1, preparative material

2, barbecue expects a packet of 70 grams, enter condiment in the bowl, join clear water to move makings juice

 How is makings of Ao Erliang sauce done

3, drumstick get rid of drops bone, put into the basin, add makings juice, let drumstick the flesh is stained with makings juice

4, will furl outside drumstick skin face, the rope that use cotton is plunged into close, put into freezer to refrigerate overnight

5, take out bloat be soiled the drumstick flesh of one night, put baking dish on

6, bake below oven above (big lukewarm) means, be in charge of up and down all set 200 degrees, by start begin warm-up, there is clew news after warm-up reachs the designated position, clew puts the basis to bake dish at oven middle-level, actual and roast time 40 minutes, when baking 20 minutes, take out bake dish, brush in drumstick surface on sauce, put into oven continues roast

7, take out bake dish plunge into drumstick flesh with toothpick, juice having boiling water is poured out of, make clear roast already reach the designated position, conveniently puts bake dish of medium garlic, furnace lamp can be opened to observe drumstick coils at any time in roast process roast state, if feel chromatically is insufficient, can adjust the temperature that is in charge of up and down at any time, special and convenient

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