[new student every how many milliliter is suckled]

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To the new student for, the most important is Morpheus is mixed suck the breast, the child just is born, digestible energy force is not especially other good, and gastric volume is minorrer also, so the child should eat much food everyday, every eat cannot overfeeding, just be born, everyday about can feed 6 arrive 7 times, be in about every time 80 to 120 milliliter. As the child’s good growth, suck the breast the quantity is met gradually increase, time interval meets every eat gradually spin.

New student grandma of every how many milliliter

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New student grandma of every how many milliliter

The baby that just is born, it is to need on the control that measures in the grandma1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Want to increase gradually by weight, treasure Mom are daily should feed darling about 6 arrive 7 times, every time removed 3.5 arrive 4 hours, every eat about suddenly 80 control to 120 milliliter. Can eat 150 milliliter at most.

New student grandma of every how many milliliter

Nurse to darling what should notice
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Love Shanghai is the same as a city

1, want those who reinforce the supply of maternal nutrition and healthy situation to maintain;

2, the child that cannot have mother milk raise to those, as soon as possible,Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Choose applicable recipe pink truly to undertake; of normal recipe pink feed

New student grandma of every how many milliliter

3, phase of solid food feed is after 8 months, different growth phase1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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darling feed is different complementary feed;

4, infantile feed is to should follow schedule actually, because such feed compares science, must not darling cried to be fed, it is bad to the stomach of darling.

5, the pose that notices to adopt a baby, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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What the baby is held in the arms is uncomfortable, also go against darling to suck. The back should be patted to darling after treasure Mom feeds a grandma, let darling hit a belch.

Above is small make up to the new student drink how many milk every time appropriate the relevant data of this one problem is arranged, the hope can help Mom of treasure pa treasure. Be in how on this one problem of feed darling, do not have the standard with uniform what, mom of treasure pa treasure is OK according to oneself darling suck the breast actually the circumstance such as quantity and weight, will make those who suit him home darling nurse a plan.

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