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This plants crab delicate believe everybody is to like very much, the flesh of crab is qualitative delicious and contain rich protein and vitamin, OK and special effective nourishing human body, its still have to human body veryForum of Shanghai noble baby

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How to fry crab to had better eat

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The method that make one:

1/8 crab scrub is clean, in reciprocal the first with foot of the 2nd crab between inclined to insert a chopstick, such crab won’t be moved again

2/8 opens a lid, go crab cheek, crab heart

3/8 crab chop piece, add salt, cooking wine, pepper bloats a little while a bit

4/8 heats up the oil on boiler, oil is lukewarm 6.7 when becoming heat, part of crab piece cut touchs a dot to do starch

Oil of drop of boiler of red of people of talent of blast of the boiler below 5/8A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Oil of a few bottom takes in 6/8 boiler, issue ginger, garlic piece explode boiler

7/8 joins Chinese prickly ash, do chili, anise, cassia bark stir-fry before stewing is sweet, add thick broad-bean sauce to fry to piece red oil

8/8 enters the crab with good blast, add salt, white sugar, after gourmet powder flavors, drench a few balm, scatter go up caraway breaks a boiler can

How to fry crab to had better eat

Practice 2:

Advocate makings 2 people portion

Crab 2 only

Complementary expect

Egg 1


Ginger 1 small, red pointed any of several hot spice plants 2, shallot 2 root, salad oil 10 grams, cooking wine is 1 small spoon, old smoke 1 small spoon, salt 4 overcome

Fry crab measure 1

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crab abluent, chop reserves into lump. Oily boiler burns heat, put silk of a few ginger and chili end to explode sweet, put crab piece to break up fry. Break up after frying crab a few times, put into a few cooking wine

Measure 2

Put next often smoke break up fry a few times, build a crab to thoroughly cook into a few clear water again, after crab soup juice receives juice slightly, egg break up turns along the brim of boiler the circle falls, continue to break up fry crab, add a few salt and chopped green onion finally, case boiler can

How to fry crab to had better eat

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The effect of crab:

1. Qing Dynasty is hot alexipharmic

Crab sex cold, flavour is salty, put in classics of liver, stomach ‘s charge; Knot of detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, disappear turns Yu, profit wet remove the shade of liver of yellow, grow, effect that fills gastric juice; Advocate medicinal powder all heat, control gastric energy of life, manage muscle arteries and veins, disappear is fed. Crab contains acid of ammonia of essence of life, can participate in body internal energy to measure metabolization and alexipharmic job, right amount eat crab to be able to promote human body energy to balance, rise to excrete action very well to body endotoxin.

2. raises muscle invigorate the circulation of blood

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, crab raises sth resembling a net of muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, stimulate the menstrual flow, filling bone to add the effect of pith. The disease such as arthritis of wet to zephyr of ache of leg of injury, gore, waist sex has certain dietotherapy effect. Suit the person edible with swollen silt of injuries from falls, fracture particularly.

3. raises immunity

The rich protein in crab and human body must nutrient element, be like vitamin of A of amino acid, calcic, iron, Selenium, zinc, Potassium, vitamin, B a group of things with common features to wait, have very good nourishing effect to the body, conduce to stimulative human body organizing cellular rehabilitate and synthesis, improve immune function.

4. is fought cancer prevents cancer

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The content of the Selenium in crab can achieve every 100 grams of 56.7 microgramme tall. Selenium is the important microelement that place of our human body needs, science studies discovery contains the food with fast Selenium to be able to enhance the immune power of human body, have the magical effect of certain precautionary tumour and cancer especially.

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