[in how making gallinaceous wing, had better eat]

Article introduction

Gallinaceous wing is a kind of course that often takes quite in our life, the practice of gallinaceous wing also has a lot of kinds, have wing of chicken of braise in soy sauce, barbecue chicken wing, deepfry commonly with coke, different practice taste also is met different, everybody can choose the way that he likes according to different taste. The flesh on gallinaceous wing is compared character tender, the flesh is qualitative more, often eat still can Wen Zhongyi is angry, enhance the function of the body, so how to make gallinaceous wing more delicious?

In how making gallinaceous wing, had better eat

Nutrient value

Cannot take wing of too much chicken, especially gallinaceous wing is pointed, gallinaceous wing tip is gallinaceous lymph node, this is common sense.

Wing giving birth to chicken

Because hormone can make chicken mushroom, the appearance that gives chicken inject hormone accordingly is very general. According to introducing, a chicken accepts the inject of hormone 34 times to gist as a child. When inject, be in mostly birds kind wing place gives or take an injection. General medicaments can produce certain remain, in blood of consist in of greater part branch and flesh, especially in gallinaceous wing, hormone remain is serious. Health learns the home to say, long-term edible hormone passes much provision, will increase the probability that contracts tumor, breast cancer.

Although somebody has heard illegal chicken is peddled,can give gallinaceous inject the chemical preparation such as ecbolic element, but however nobody is clear that chicken is injected the specific place of drug is to be below gallinaceous wing, also think of to may bring about chicken to contain toxin from this without person couplet. And the deadbeat in inn of the wing that bake people, understand this some morer it seems that. The reporter runs the restaurant of the wing that bake in two, interviewed 15 consumer, among them 6 consumer express oftenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Take the wing that bake, 7 now and then take the wing that bake, only 2 are to eat for the first time. Person of the great majority in them, the meeting in knowing gallinaceous wing has hormone, but only 2 inject place that know to stimulate demand are wing root.

In how making gallinaceous wing, had better eat

The food of excessive of long-term edible hormone, add human body hormonal excretive influence, can increase the probability that has tumor greatly. Opposite for, the possibility that the female suffers an effect is larger than the male.

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Coke wing

With makings: Gallinaceous wing (middle) , sesame oil of coke, caraway, fire, salt, ginger1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
, cooking wine, garlic, chili, unripe smoke


1, prepare data, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai
Gallinaceous wing is used unripe smoke, souse of sesame oil of salt, fire is controlled 30 minutes.

2, remove boiler to pour igneous sesame oil, enter gallinaceous wing, juice of gallinaceous wing decoct becomes angry.

3, juice of gallinaceous wing decoct becomes angry, enter ready garlic, ginger, chili, break up fry.

4, after entering complementary makings, break up fry a few times, can enter coke, want to notice, coke does not arrive too much, just mend his ways gallinaceous wing is OK.

In how making gallinaceous wing, had better eat

5, juice of the after 10 bells can give conflagration stew boiler, put ready caraway can.

Zi like that wing

Shanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

With makings:

Gallinaceous wing (middle) , Zi like that pink, caraway


⒈ chicken wing is abluent, the hole that rips about two centimeters with point of a knife (deepness and chicken) , so that tasty is reached fast ripe.

⒉ right amount soy, salt, liquor, white sugar reachs a few unripe pink to mix divide evenly, bloat half hours or so.

Rose wing


Gallinaceous wing, dry rose, claret, rock candy, maltSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Candy, salt


1, prepare above data, use dry rose boiled water to immerse first

, filter piece juice

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

2, mix rose juice and rock candy, maltose, salt, claret rose honey juice

2, the waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall after gallinaceous wing is abluent, delimit next a few knives (convenient tasty) , in be being put into rose sweet juice, immerse 6 hours

3, baking paper of dish of the aluminum foil on the shop, oven 220 degrees warm-up 10 minutes

4, good souse chicken wing is discharged baking dish on, enter oven, 220 degrees bake 18 minutes, after be being taken out, brush sweet juice of a rose again, bake 5 minutes to be become namely then.

Fume the mint that bake chicken

Raw material: Gallinaceous wing bloats makings

Soy 2 spoon, candy powder of 1 spoon, onion 1 of powder of 1 spoon, garlic

Gallinaceous wing

Gallinaceous wing (2)

Spoon, salt half spoon, fry sweet sesame seed half spoon, balm is half spoon, black pepper half spoon, honey 1 spoon, chili 2 spoon


Gallinaceous wing is used bloat makings souse overnight, prepare a boiler, silver paper is spread inside, put rice, tea, candy and mint, frame go up grill, good gallinaceous wing bloats on the code, open conflagration, begin till candy erubescent fumy.

Boiler burns a wing

Raw material: The section in gallinaceous wing eat of 150 grams, winter is 10 grams, red any of several hot spice plants 1, ginger 10 grams, green 10 grams.

Flavoring: Peanut oil 500 grams (real cost is oily 100 grams) , salt 10 grams, gourmet powder 8 grams, white sugar is 3 grams, old smoke king is 10 grams, wet unripe pink 20 grams, sesame oil 5 grams, clear soup 100 grams. Practice:

1, the section in gallinaceous wing is abluent, often smoke with a few king bloat about 30 minutes, section of red any of several hot spice plants, ginger, green is cut paragraph.

2, burn the oil below boiler, oil is lukewarm 150 degrees of nowadays enter gallinaceous wing, scamper comes golden scoop to eight maturity stand-by.

Wing of fermented bean curd

Raw material: Gallinaceous wing. Open cut of size arm cent. Green, ginger, garlic cuts chunk, paragraphs big. Candy, cooking wine. Corrupt is galactic.


1. Oil is put in fried dish boiler.

2. Former boiler puts a bit oil again, green ginger garlic is put after be being heated up a bit. Juice of cooking wine, candy, fermented bean curd is put after giving sweet smell.

3. Gallinaceous wing is put after juice leaves greatly, add water to arrive to be made the same score with gallinaceous wing. Conflagration is stewed, stop boiling water, when Shang Kuai works good.

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