[pregnant woman eats pineapple to be opposite fetal]

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During pregnant woman is pregnant, be cannot of informal food, the body development that because have very much food,meets pair of children causes certain effect. And pineapple gets as a kind fruit of people gay tropics, have disappear heat to stop thirsty action, butForum of Shanghai night net

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It is pregnant woman cannot eat pineapple more, because pineapple is benign, eat much, no matter be,be told from respect of the mother’s body, still be told from fetal respect, it is very bad!

Pregnant woman eats pineapple to be opposite fetal

1, pineapple sex is cool, pregnant woman is unfavorable eat more.

Pineapple contains a kind to cry ” pineapple protein is enzymatic ” material, it can decompose protein, deliquescent block is mixed at the fibrin in the organization hematic clot, improve local haemal circulation, eliminate inflammation and oedema. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pleasant of pineapple sex flavour is smooth, have disappear of be good at stomach to feed, wine of heat of solution heat, disappear, solution, fall blood pressure, fight cancer, fill lienal stop the function such as have diarrhoea, clear stomach, satisfy one’s thirst, to pregnant woman as much effective.

But, tell from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, pleasant of pineapple sex cool flavour, can cool body. Thirsty to needing disappear heat to stop, remove for hot and dry person, eat pineapple to had been held out. But, if ask pregnant woman eats pineapple more, overmuch cool sex is inside pregnant woman body deposit, can cause pregnant woman to be afraid of cold1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, return can exciting uterus, mix to pregnant woman fetal for bad. Additional, pineapple has the effect of intense contractive blood-vessel, bad also to pregnant woman.

Pregnant woman eats pineapple to be opposite fetal

2, pregnant woman eats pineapple more easyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Protein of a kind of pineapple is contained in pineapple enzymaticShanghai night net

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, some people are enzymatic to this kind have allergic reaction, can appear disgusting, bellyacke, have a headache, the toxic symptom such as dizziness. This also is when why eating pineapple, need uses briny bubble the reason of one bubble. Before although have some of pregnant woman,be pregnant, enzymatic to this kind of pineapple react without allergy, but do not eliminate to be pregnant rear body hormone produces chemical change, canForum of Shanghai night net

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Cause albumen of a few pairs of pineapple enzymatic unwell. So, be opposite if pregnant woman is ferial easily a few material are allergic, when eating pineapple, must notice, do not eat more.

Pregnant woman eats pineapple to be opposite fetal

3, pregnant woman eats pineapple to stimulate oral cavity more.

There still is a kind of glucoside in pineapple kind material, have stimulative effect to the skin of pregnant woman and oral cavity mucous membrane. Some people can discover, eating pineapple is much, small hubble-bubble rose actually in the mouth. After although pass saline bleb,passing, these exciting meetings are reduced, but if pregnant woman eats pineapple more, pregnant woman oral cavity or meeting are overcome. So, if bad pregnant woman asks oral cavity pregnant woman eats pineapple more, the answer is affirmative and bad.

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