[the small subtle move that opens walnut]

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Walnut is exceedingly delicious, nutrient value is higher also, have the effect of very good health care to the body, when eating walnut, we know walnut skin is harder, rind occasionally more troublesome, pare walnut hard commonly with common method, if be bungled forcibly, smash walnutmeat easily still, say to must choose regular method so, particular small subtle move is relaxed open walnut.

Open the small subtle move of walnut

Open the small subtle move of walnut

1.Put the walnut that buys in dish first, what need not do special processing. 2. Put dish into boiler next, follow evaporate steamed bread in that way, give it evaporate ten minutes or so. 3. Take after evaporate is good, put between a cold water bubble is worn. 4. Bubble can discover after period of time, this leaves walnut case become very easy pare. And pare after coming out, whole walnutmeat is in good condition nondestructive, already good-looking delicious.

Open the small subtle move of walnut
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Give birth to the effect of walnut and actionUnripe walnut is scarcer, but the effect of unripe walnut and action also are bar bar. Many people still can answer recall in one’s childhood, walnut eats before taking an exam every time ” filling head ” scene, walnut can fill the head has been common sense. Actually, small walnut not only can be good at head, hairdressing, newest research returns discovery, often eat walnut to be able to reduce human body cholesterol, protect a heart and vessels. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine calls walnut since ancient times ” macrobian fruit ” , think walnut can fill kidney be good at head, the beneficial in filling is angry, beard and hair of embellish skin, black.

Walnut suits mental worker most, especially white-collar female eats, often use a brain because of this part person excessive, very bad news hinders painstaking effort, often eat walnut to be able to fill head, improve cerebral loop, increase mental. Still have black at the same time hair, make the action of skin smooth, because ” of blood of the person that send ” , hematic flourishing is nigrescent, and a variety of vitamins are contained a lot ofin walnut, can raise a skinShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The physiology of skin is active, so to the female character is hairdressing beautiful is tasted.

Contemporary dietetics considers to think, after walnut eliminate makes an appointment with the litter such as the carapace of 50 % clean benevolence, the flax of the linoleic acid that contains 63 % , 16.4 % is acerbity, and rich protein, phosphor, calcium and much1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Kind vitamin, contain many not saturated fatty acid, can the vigor of bounce of aggrandizement head blood-vessel and stimulative nerve cell, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Improve the physiology function of cerebrum.

Open the small subtle move of walnut

Unripe walnut still is ripe walnut very good

Is eating unripe walnut still ripe walnut very good? Actually also neither one standard, unripe nevertheless walnut did not pass treatment, nutrition does not have prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, nutrient value ratio is so higher. Netizen doubt eats blaze of unripe walnut chairman, also need not worry actually, walnut says to have profit very much to the skin originally, and it is female hairdressing food.

Everyday time takes 2~3 each walnut, can achieve filling head fitness, able-bodied physique to treat the effect. Walnutmeat still contains phosphor, magnesian, calcic, iron, manganese to wait mineral pledge with a variety of nurture such as vitamin A, B, C, E. Often edible, can enhance the vigor of human body cell, prevent arteriosclerosis, can make the person defers consenescence.

All through the ages of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of walnut flavour pleasant is lukewarm, can connect embellish blood arteries and veins, filling gas to raise blood, Fall in love with the sea

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Moisten the respiratory tract filling kidney of stomach of expectorant, beneficial. Medicable kidney deficient lumbago, the constipate of frail, defecate disease after lobar empty asthma, disease, very good town coughs smooth asthma action. Outside dividing walnutmeat, the oil of walnutmeat crush out, flavour sweet, nutritionSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Good. Have better sanitarian function. Neurasthenic, body frail or old people, coronary heart disease, hypertensive patient, appropriate often edible. The fruit midriff inside walnut carapace, can fill seminal emission of kidney difficult choice, cure, enuresis, become its water that boil tea drink, still can stable

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