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Pig intestines this is with the pig intestines passes fried means to be made after that for main raw materialShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The dish that come, because its mouthfeel is delicate and the benefit with return existence to have certain to human body got thereby the welcome of people. However to pig intestines this kind feeds capable person also is to a lot of people are fed up with quite, because meeting existence has pig intestines,a few odour are cleaned rise also not very is convenient. But this is not a thing for the person to loving it, so below the practice encyclopedia that will introduce to fry pig intestines.

Fry the practice of pig intestines

One, fight the practice move of Bao of boiler pig’s large intestines

1. catchs large intestine with right amount flour and spoonful salt it is good to hold abluent processing, catch the fertilizer insideLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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2. prepares the chili of ginger green garlic in burden, onion is abluent had cut.

Boiler of the high pressure on 3. adds right amount water, put large intestine bowl in, join two green and anise, half ginger, the lid is boiled closely, conflagration is pressed 10 minutes. (till large intestine uses a chopstick can rub is worn OK)

The large intestine with 4. ripe pressing fish out.

5. cuts small.

The boiler on 6. enters right amount oil, explode garlic of sweet ginger green, chili Chinese prickly ash.

7. joins large intestine stir-fry before stewing is fried to dry body.

8. joins cooking wine, stir-fry before stewing fries two spoon hot thick broad-bean sauce even.

Stir-fry before stewing of oyster sauce of 9. rejoin spoonful is fried even.

10. joins onion and chili stir-fry before stewing to fry finally come to be born involve fire. If feel not quite salty, can join right amount soy to fry all.

Fry the practice of pig intestines

In 11. outfit boiler can edible.

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The devil is hot the practice measure that fries pig’s large intestines

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1. gets ready feed capable person

2. potato cuts hob piece first, boil in boiler next 8 cent is ripe

Red dry any of several hot spice plants cuts 3. strip, shallot is cut into chopped green onion

4. large intestine cuts paragraphs big, this large intestine is myself shifts to an earlier date the ripe large intestine that bittern has made, the time that him bittern makes is long, already tasty again can chew move

5. garlic head decorticates abluent, can rectify burn also can cut into thick piece

6. boiler is heated up 6 minutes, infuse oil, put Jiang Si and blast of Chinese prickly ash to give fragrance fish out to abandon first, put stir-fry before stewing of red dry any of several hot spice plants to fry a fragrance again,

7. puts stir-fry before stewing of the head of garlic to be fried a little while, fry to the head of garlic 6 minutes ripe, put potato piece and black any of several hot spice plants to break bead breaks up fry 2 minutes

8. is joined be born smoke continue to break up fry a minute of tasty

9. general large intestine, parched is red workFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Any of several hot spice plants is put into boiler varus to fry together

10. joins salt and gallinaceous pink to break up fry flavor, nevertheless I did not put gallinaceous powder, according to the individual be fond of chooses

11. scatters bit of chopped green onion to break up to close fire gives boiler

3, the practice measure of pig’s large intestines of kelp braise in soy sauce

1. pig’s large intestines isForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Clear away clean previously, when wanting to eat, take a dot to came out to go from freezer. (the pig large intestine that has chosen first, bowel should break up when be being cleaned clean, cut go smeary, rinse clean, break up, rinse again completely

2. kelp bubble after one night abluent cut small piece

3. green Chinese onion is cut off, ginger section, flavor: ? Neodymium of a bamboo fish trap of ń two ⒋ scrupulously and respectfully ∠ of ⒍ of ぁ of An of ⒐ of ⒉ Lang  scrupulously and respectfully detailed of ⒊ of  total Pi?

4. heats up boiler to put some more oil, put into Pi county thick broad-bean sauce to fry a red oil

5. is putting green ginger, flavor explodes sweet

Fry the practice of pig intestines

6. is put into pig’s large intestines to break up fry

7. is put often draw 2 spoon, be born draw 1 spoon

8. transfers into one spoon white sugar carries delicacy, one spoon liquor goes raw meat or fish

9. is much in boiler fry a little while

10. is put into the kelp that has cut

11. adds right amount clear water, taste the affiliation with next right amount flavour a bit salt, big baked wheaten cake leaves, hour of the 1.5-2 of small fire of the cap on the lid that stew

Caraway or chopped green onion are put to be able to go up when 12. eats desk.

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