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The effect that protein produces in human body is very important, so everyday people is taking alimental time, these should contain certain protein in food, human body of ability enough complement is needed everyday protein. And everybody often eats pork, it is for porky mouthfeel not only, it is to what some protein content contain to be abounded exceedingly in pork more, the protein content of how many can there be probably in pork so?

 Porky protein content

How many does porky protein content have

Porky protein content is in on average 13.2% the left and right sides, because of the breed of the pig, age, fat poor rate and place different, the flesh of place differs on pig body for instance, because fertilizer is thin level is different, the difference of its protein content can be compared big. For example: The content of protein of pig tenderloin flesh is about 21% , buttock needle is about after 15% , rib flesh is about 10% , milk dried meat is only 8% , the protein content that also can see pig lean lean compares fat from here wantsForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Tall. And the skin of the pig and muscle tendon basically are formed by connective tissue. The protein content of connective tissue is 35%-40% , and among them the majority is collagen albumen and stretch albumen.

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It is complete protein character, contain all sorts of amino acid with indispensible human body, and need of amino acid form scale to be close to human body need, be made full use of easily by human body accordingly, nutrient value is high, belong to high grade protein.

The fat in pork kind basically be neuter and adipose with cholesterol. In livestock meat, porky is adipose content is highest, adipose composition is given priority to with saturated fatty acid, melting point is higher. This also is lardy the reason that presents solid state below inferior temperature. Content of the cholesterol in pork is inferior in lean lean, fat is taller than lean lean, splanchnic in taller, the 3-5 that is lean lean about commonly times, content of the cholesterol in the head is highest, every 100 grams can amount to 2000 milligram.

 Porky protein content

The scientist ever thought cholesterol absorbs overmuch meeting to bring about arteriosclerosis before, the happening that increases hypertensive disease probability. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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But come this year the scientist is increasing think, the cholesterol in food is not arteriosclerosis advocate because of, cholesterol of complex of oneself of human body itself is exorbitant just be the reason with the exorbitant cholesterol in blood. Cholesterol basically relies on the synthesis of human body oneself, occupy about 80% , the cholesterol in food is less important complement, occupy 20% the left and right sides. The absorptivity of cholesterol has 30% only, as the addition of food cholesterol content, absorptivity drops even.

The United States issued proposal of food of new edition health 2015, had restricted the cholesterol intake of American no longer.

 Porky protein content

Pork and beef, chicken is main nutrient composition is comparative

Thin pork quantity of heat (kilocalorie) 143, carbohydrate (gram) 1.5, adipose (gram) 6.2, protein (gram) 20.30

Quantity of heat of pigeon breast flesh (kilocalorie) 133Shanghai night net

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, carbohydrate (gram) 2.5, adipose (gram) 5, protein (Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Gram) 19.4

Lean beef quantity of heat (kilocalorie) 106, carbohydrate (gram) 1.2, adipose (gram) 2.3, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Protein (gram) 20.20

The lean beef that adipose content does not favor than gymnastical personage mixes visible thin porky pigeon breast pulp is expensive too much. Accordingly, during reducing weight, thin pork also can be high grade protein origin.

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