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Article introduction

Longan is a kind of authority’s not new fruit, the action of longan has a lot of, for instance filling gas enrichs the blood. Longan is OK still, have a lot of other methods that make, can put in congee to undertake machining making eight treasures congee for instance. Undertake modulatory according to the individual’s taste, longan can put many a little bit, also can put a few less. Often eat longan to be able to make an eye bright, enhance oneself immunity power. Fresh longan can Bao soup

Fresh longan is OK Bao soup

Of fresh longan have a way one

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Directly bubble water is drunk

2, also can cook longan egg syrup

3, the longan chicken that stew raises hematic beneficial Yan Yong to expect: Chicken 150 grams, angelica 30 grams, longan flesh 100. Make a way: Flesh of angelica, longan, chicken is abluent, chicken section, use entirely makings in putting the handleless cup that stew, add boiled water right amount, lid, wen Huo separates water to pause 3 hours, flavor for edible. Function: Raise idea of hematic beneficial Yan Zhu: The person that the cold gives out heat is unfavorable take.

4, 10 longan eat before sleeping every night, can raise a heart to calm the nerves, treat palpitation insomnia.

5, longan takes the flesh 30 times, red jujube tears 10 times, with rice 100 grams, the congee that boil 2 bowls, add right amount brown sugar, time takes 1 bowl each. Can fill lienal heart’s-blood, raise a heart to add wisdom, old people You Yi. Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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6, every morning takes the flesh 10 times with longan, the poached eggs that boil 2, add right amount white sugar, hollow eat. Fill lienal raise a heart, heart’s-blood beneficial is angry.

7. longan flesh 200 grams, add sorghum to asperse 500 milliliter in vain, bubble a month. Face the drink when sleeping every night 15 milliliter. Recoverable exhaustion calms the nerves calm annals.

Fresh longan is OK Bao soup

[magical longan strikes use]

” longan works ” it is cordial of very good preserve one’s health, be opposite especially the kidney is very good, everybody but be apt to is added use, with row and a few next usage, offer everybody to consult, the hope is right everybody somewhat help.


One, when fire having theory: Longan is dry + salt (stew half hours with water) the person that do not have phlegmy, cough is applicable

2, when the fire that do not have empty: Longan works + salt (control 15 minutes to bubble with hot water can) help Morpheus

3, cough has phlegmy: Medlar + red jujube + longan is dry (stew together half smallLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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When) relieve a cough expectorant

4, lotus seed + tremella + rock candy + red jujube + longan is dry (stew half hours together) filling gas

5, longan is dry + ginseng is needed (develop bubble 20 minutes) the filling gas, fire that retreat empty

Fresh longan is OK Bao soup

Of fresh longan have a way 2

1, longan congee

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① takes longan flesh 30 grams, rice 100 grams, add right amount water to boil congee together.

This congee has blood of great filling energy of life, calm the nerves the action that raise a heart, and fill and not be bored with, digest easily absorb. ” renown cure does not record ” return account: Longan congee can ” study perverse trend, divide poison of a legendary venomous insect. Long take strong spirit light body is not old ” .

2, longan is red jujube congee

① is abluent red jujube, longan, rice 1 cup, abluent air quarter;

② rice enters skillet, add water to boil congee, boil to about 4 maturity when, put add of red jujube, longan to boil, put brown sugar to flavor finally;

This congee is appropriate inquietude of flabby, spirit, volition does not center nocturnal Mian, much sweat, can mediate main and collateral channels answers a circle, with Yan Run color. Red jujube circulates to promoting blood,

Expedite mammary gland is very helpful, and it and longan still are had enrich the blood admirably the effect that raise spirit!

3, yam longan congee

Raw material: : ?  uncovers?00 gram, longan flesh 15 grams,

Litchi flesh 3, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine 3 grams. White sugar, water is right amount.

① will give birth to yam flay slice.

Flesh of pill of ② general hill, longan, litchi flesh (fresh pork is much better) , the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, water is boiled together, gao Huo 30 minutes, divide evenly of white sugar agitate is added after been boil can.

4, longan fleshy congee

[raw material] longan flesh 15 grams, red jujube 3~5, rice 100 grams.

[make] boil congee along with all the others.

[usage] take early, late (can become breakfast) .

[effectiveness] longan can be good at lienal enrich the blood. Can contain dextrose, cane sugar, vitamin A and B, protein, adipose reach tan is qualitative, cooperate with red jujube, the heart-throb that applies to painstaking effort inadequacy, insomnia, forgetful, anaemic, constitution is frail the auxiliary cure that wait.

[appropriate avoid] chill cold, aversion to cold is calorific when reaching thick be bored with of coating on the tongue, should not be eat.

5, yam longan congee

Feed capable person: Rice one cannikin, yam, longan 3, red jujube 5

Implemental: Earthenware pot

The measure that make:

1 earthenware pot contains water, firing, leave to water.

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Yam, flay, hob cuts small, in water is being put after water leaves, boil. Yam when 5 maturity, put into rice, longan to mix wash static red jujube, after conflagration leaves, change small fire to be boiled slow. After rice is soft, boil a little while, can give boiler.

Note and evaluation:

Yam pleasant, smooth, avirulent, longan filling heart is lienal, beneficial enrages blood, be good at taste, raise muscle, pleasant of this congee flavour is sweet, rice and yam entrance glutinous are soft, colour and lustre is golden, fetching appetite, the beautiful that is winter dinner is tasted.

Of special attention is the congee that boil when, want the rice below boiled water, paper boiler not easily, congee of this yam longan, want to put yam first,

Rice is put after 5 maturity, can make so yam more glutinous is soft, and grain of rice keeps complete.

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