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To the parents of a year old of half darling, their afraidest thing nothing is more… than lets darling eat morely, eat so that have nutrition more, such ability can allow the growth with the better body of darling. Because a lot of children appear hidebound state, because,basically be in one’s childhood what nutrient complement causes not quite, so one year old is the crucial period of a compensatory nutrition partly. Introduce half darling one year old for parents next everyday cookbook.

 A year old of half darling everyday cookbook

Encyclopedia of cookbook of a year old of half darling

1 year old of darling of half are in intellectual growth period, right now mother can have bit of fish oil to be mixed with compensatory DHA to darling EPA. The complement with protein and additionally qualitative calcium is very important also, mom can prepare the cate such as shelled fresh shrimps of chop noodles in soup, bean curd and liver mud congee to darling. 4 are recommended to suit darling to each mom below the diet that compensatory and daily place requires energy, will quickly surround view.

[filling calcium: Chop noodles in soup]

Material: Face of pork chop bone, baby, green vegetables, vinegar.


1, chop cut is small, put the boil in cold water boiler, trifling vinegar is joined later, boil half hour, what vinegar is helpful for the calcium in chop is deliquescent.

2, scoop chop, take boiling water, put abluent green vegetables and baby face then, boil about 5 minutes, add salt to flavor can give boiler.

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Mom classics: Chop soup contains calcium of protein, phosphoric acid and ossein to wait, can offer calcium to pledge to darling. Of baby face choose to also have exquisite, should choose not to add salt, actor chooses the noodle that 100% tailor-made wheat flour make, face of this kind of baby is thoroughlied cook easily, noodle is petty, shorter, mouthfeel is soft slip, suit darling mastication and deglutition, more benefit at digesting. Face of baby of some finished product can have different the recipe that feeds capable person, be like spinach face, cod face, offer the rich combination that feed capable person, foster the taste bud growth of darling. A few brands are like henry family name, still can be in baby face additional wrap with the nutrient spouse that comprises by rich nutriment, add in boiling good noodle, saved nutrient part morely, avoid nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, complement to darling better thereby a variety of vitamins and mineral, grow for darling development provides balanced nourishment.

 A year old of half darling everyday cookbook

[filling protein: Bean curd of shelled fresh shrimps]

Material: Sea shrimp oil of right amount, bean curd, salt, vegetable, Jiang Pian, chopped green onion. . . .

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What food has nutrition

A year old of darling of half can have ablactationed, right now mom prepares the breast that compare a mother to have appeal more to darling with respect to needLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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food, sweet pumpkin, tender on the west orchid and the avocado that have light sweet smell, these food can satisfy darling to be opposite not only delicate yearning, nutrition is rich also.

Vegetable piece:

1, greenery is vegetable

The vegetable such as wild cabbage of spinach, plumage contains a lot ofiron and folic acid, each mom can pound these two kinds of vegetable mud next evaporate is ripe, mixture cornmeal feeds darling to eat. The scale of vegetable and cornmeal is 2: 1. Prandial outside, also can eat bit of vegetable mud or fruit juice mashed vegetable or fruit to darling, abstain or buy off-the-peg OK, the course is reasonable the mud of the fruit juice that pack that deserves to compare withheld natural pulp fiber, not only mouthfeel is exquisite, still have stand lightly bag pack, hello feed more convenient also.

Fruit juice mud is a kind of fruit juice adds snacks of health of fruit mud compound, have on market in the light of 1-3 year old the fruit juice mud that darling rolls out, resemble the fruit juice mud of henry family name, with fruit juice of natural confiture collocation, contain a lot ofnatural fruit fiber, stimulative darling nutrition is digested absorb, also can make darling compensatory and enough vitamin and cellulose, still can make defecate molten. And mud of fruit juice of henry family name is not had add antiseptic, pigment, manufacturing pertumers and cane sugar, eat when snacks to darling, natural safety more be at ease!

 A year old of half darling everyday cookbook

2, on the west orchid

On the west substantial human body is contained to grow in orchid the nutrient composition of a need, can promote darling to grow development, promote skeletal and normal growth, be helpful for increasing memory, still have profit to darling eye. Mom can use water steam ripe on the west orchid, small are cut to feed darling edible later.

3, carrot

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Carrot is very common, nutrient pretty is tall nevertheless, darling is right amount eat carrot to be able to protect an eye. Mom is OK will thoroughly cook, darling is fed to eat after crumbing.

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