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Acacia spends a kind be pagoda tree flower, we are general and commonly used is the nectar that acacia spends, feed material to make food with be in order to spend directly even besides, perhaps do confectionery. According to researchLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Make clear, acacia flower can remove cool and refreshing step-down, fall fire, sterilization, hemostatic wait for action, still can prevent apoplectic, not only can edible, the Chinese traditional medicine that still has curative effect very much blindly material.

What is the effect that acacia spends?

The effect with beautiful acacia and action

1, acacia flower has the effect with cool hemostatic blood

Acacia flower is the material with a kind of officinal very high value, it has the special effect with cool hemostatic blood, in clinical on multi-purpose heat up at haemorrhage and blood model of disease cooperate cure. Resemble n/medding having blood in one’s stool, hematuria and naevus blood, edible acacia flower can obtain right result. Additional acacia flower and hairyvein agrimony and cogongrass root when an edible, can not alleviate the symptom that human body spits blood.

What is the effect that acacia spends?

2, acacia flower is had fall blood pressure and precaution apoplectic action

Many Lu Ding is contained in acacia flower namely the rue glucoside that people often says, this kind idiosyncratic it is the important matter that increases blood capillary strength, it is absorbed by human body, what can raise tube wall of human body blood is stretch, can reduce blood-vessel of people occurrence head greatly so cracked machine rate, remove precaution thereby apoplectic and hypertensive action.

What is the effect that acacia spends?

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3, acacia flower has the effect of the sterilization that fight fire

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Acacia spends flavour to slant suffering, and quality, it can enter liver classics and large intestine for the angle from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine classics. And the rue glucoside that contains in acacia flower and pagoda tree are spent 2 alcohol and a variety of saccharide, have pretty good antiphlogistic effect, they can kill the harmful material in the blood in human body quickly, and prevent them in human body current, prevent the occurrence of all sorts of inflammationShanghai noble baby

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. The juice that additionally acacia spends also has very good and counteractive effect to fungus of human body cutaneous.

The effect of pagoda tree nectar with action

The pagoda tree spends honey lung of be good at stomach, embellish relieves a cough, fight allergy, fight consenescence, add force to fill gas. Diastole blood-vessel, long-term edible has step-down effect, hairdressing of pollen of Mei pagoda tree is raised colour, defer consenescence. So not only won’t allergic, and still can have preventedShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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: of pagoda tree nectar?  of racoon dog of  of Ti of eulogy of approach of accept of  of Sao of  of betray of Niao of Xing of  of stalk of low-lyingponding Yun Piao punishs Yi of  of  happy few not  mires dam of  of lean close to of  of Guo of Qiao of A of compose π А does not have Mei Xindi of  of Shen of て of  of Yong boundless and indistinct by  ? spoon, what can reduce central nervous is stimulant, have hypnotic effect. Suffer from neurasthenic person mufti this is sweet, ameliorable mood, achieveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Ning Xinan’s magical effect.

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